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Courthouse Towers This view left a lasting memory of this park, in my mind

Three Sisters, and Courthouse Towers This formation name changed since my visit to the park in 1966. This view includes the Courthouse Towers; The Three Sisters

Balanced Rock I am pleased with this photo. It includes the La Sal Mountains in the background with a typically beautiful Utah Sky. Balanced Rock Large Format includes Foreground.

First Pull Off ; Three Penguins; My first photo 7 Dec 2010 _*_

Double Arch  This photo includes the complete formation, taken 8 December 2010.

Double Arch Close U This day the sun produced some dazzling colors.

Double Arch Inside - 9 Dec 2010, no shadows to hide the views of this magnificently HUGE arch. Click on photo to see inside up close.

Park Avenue Trailhead  Across the road- toward park entrance area, Trailhead Around Bend; This trail closed 8 December 2010

Landscape Arch As I walked the path to this arch it suddenly registered I was looking at it ahead. This photo captures the moment quite well. _*_

Landscape Arch at Sunset.  The park does not allow visitors to go behind the arch now, photo near trail end. _*_

Delicate Arch A little climbing required to reach this Famous Utah arch; Delicate Arch Landscape Version

La Sal Mountians Late sun highlights the mountains, producing  a colorful scene.

Fiery Furnace - view from above, also La Sal Mountains. _*_      Contact Us  for any above photo information      Home